The old Mondi Paper Mill site in Ramsbottom
Derelict Mondi Paper Mill site, Ramsbottom

Commercial work

I am happy to shoot photography, video or a combination of both and only
charge for time taken.

So, if you require 40 minutes of photography and 80 minutes of video work
then you will only be paying for 2 hours, rather than paying a photographer
for an hour and videographer for 2 hours. This also means that the two
mediums will have a collective identity, coming from the same place.

I am happy to edit your images to the dimensions you require and can metatag
any information for internet optimisation.

For videos, I can edit projects into various sizes and aspect ratios from cinema
2.39:1 to Square and even Instagram Vertical, as your needs dictate. I can create
intros, calls to action, add dynamic text and even create gifs from them.

Why not take advantage of my pop-up media suite?
If you require a regular stream of content for your website, social media and supply
to various news and trade outlets but can't justify recruiting a full-time media
department, I have created a pop-up media suite, with lighting and audio capture,
to create and supply a prearranged workload of imagery that can be distributed
as and when you require. You can choose a regular day, once a month, fortnight
or week (depending on requirements) and I will arrive and set up in a quite room.
From there I can shoot the projects both in the suite and on location in your
building, and supply you with the content.

So I can simply cater for just about anything you require.

If any of this sounds of interest I would love to hear from you to discuss your
projects and requirements.

Self Portrait

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Wind turbines on the moorlands above BurnleyMoorlands above Burnley

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